Noche Mexicana was a great time and we can’t believe that we had never heard of it before. It was a beautiful day in downtown Oceanside and the area around the civic center and library was packed with cultural diversity, a beautiful site to experience.


It was dope seeing you all and chilling with some Oside locals. We got to meet some great new people and talk about our brand and share thoughts on what Oside culture means to us. It was awesome seeing everyone at the event getting into the culture and enjoying the music, entertainment, and food. Some of the most popular entertainment was the Luchador wrestling that was taking place behind the food court. They had a wrestling ring set up WWE style. Bringing back memories of when we would huddle up around the T.V to watch Rey Mysterio get down. The event also had great food, everything from street tacos, dulces, tamales, agua fresca and Elotes.


There were people from all cultures there and they were all getting along and having a great time celebrating the heritage and cultural diversity. This was refreshing to see, and something that we think is a huge part of Oceanside culture. We at Emanon are proud to be from such a diverse city. We can't wait to do this event again and look forward to it next year. See below for the photo recap. Picture Credit: Seagge Loy Abella @insageproduction

Did you miss us at Noche Mexicana? Check out our summer line here:



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